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who we ARE

we are sven and roman

Sven is a professional videographer, and Roman is a professional photographer. Both from the Netherlands, and years of experience in the creative field. What started as an idea and a dream in 2021, is now a reality. Boys with Drones.

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the film
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The facts
The mission

how we do it

Using state of the art DJI equipment, experience, and a lot of enthusiasm.

 A collaboration will include the following five phases:

  • Phase 1: Discussion of your needs and wants

  • Phase 2: A proposal will be drafted 

  • Phase 3: Production of the approved proposal 

  • Phase 4: Post-production with space to provide feedforward 

  • Phase 5: Project delivery




We tell stories through 

aerial videos and photographs

Our main focus and expertise lies within the following fields:

  • Landscape

  • Architecture

  • Abandoned locations

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Urban Spaces

  • Real Estate

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